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Welcome to my blog and I really hope you find this information useful.  I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have in an honest no obligation chat and welcome demonstrators to my team from Holland, Austria, Germany, France and of course the UK.
It is a great time to join Stampin Up as they have recently introduced some new career plan changes, one of which is the reduced quarterly minimum sales requirement.  The new quarterly minimum sales target is £225 / to remain an active demo (which is the net figure, actual catalogue product price to be sold/purchased is £270). Your first quarterly minimum needs to be reached at the end of a full quarter and if you join part way through a quarter you will be given till the end of the next quarter to reach your minimum.
To sign up as a demo you need to purchase the great value starter kit which costs £99 and the goods are in the starter kit are worth over £175.  The new kit is fully customisable which means that you can choose ANY items of your choice to the value of £130.  You will also receive a business supplies pack (valued at £45) and there are no shipping charges when you purchase the starter kit.
Here is a link to the demo application forms which can be completed quickly ans easily on-line
Once you become a demonstrator you get access to the demo website which has lots of ideas, resources and incentives as well as the opportunity to place your own orders and see your commissions etc. The first order you place within 45 days of signing up to be a demo of £150+ is eligible for 30% discount so another fantastic deal to purchase items at a huge discount!!
 Within the first 6 months there is also an incentive called Stampin’ Start where you can earn free stamp sets of your choice if you reach certain sales goals and recruiting goals. 
On all orders placed you receive 20% discount off the net product total.  (Take 20% off the catalogue product price to calculate the net figure.)  You can earn more commission the more sales you make in a month and any extra commission payments are calculated at the end of the month and paid direct in the bank account of your choice mid way through the following month.
My team is gorwing nicely and I belong to the UK's #1 Demonstrator to, so you will have access to so many resources!  We are a friendly and supportive team and we have our own little community on Facebook and meet regularly at events throughout the UK.
I have been a demonstrator for over 2 years and have had the most wonderful experiences.  I truly love the products, the people and have embraced this fantastic opportunity.
You'd have access to dedicated blog which has lots of great resources and I email regularly with reminders about ordering incentives and tips for boosting your business.  You would be able to attend monthly training (local to me in Buckinghamshire) and also quarterly training in Bicester which is a great opportunity to get together to share ideas. 
I have team members all over the UK and I appreciate that it is hard for some demos in my team to attend my trainings and events but I am available to chat on the phone and I am in regular contact via email with newsletters and reminders.   
We are a friendly and supportive group called the Pink Owl's, but we are also part of the Ladies/Lads (yes we have three male demo’s) and we also have a private facebook group where we share and support one another.  I provide some useful tools to help you when you first get started such as a cardstock swatch and a welcome booklet explaining all the basics and a personalised notebook..  I have loads of useful websites and resources to help you get inspired and making some beautiful items. 
 Too good an opportunity to miss I think you will agree, call me for more info 07828 149666 or email for an open and honest chat to see if the opportunity is right for you.