Friday 23 November 2012

Silver 1 - Recognition from Stampin' Up! and My Upline

Good morning lovely blog friends and family! How are you today?

So, today's post.... In September this year I promoted to Silver 1 with Stampin' Up!, what's that I hear you ask? well, when you start your wonderful crafting journey with Stampin' Up! you enter at Bronze 1 level. Then once you reach set goals it's Bronze 2, Bronze 3, and then Silver 1.... which is what I have achieved!!! There are many more levels, so I wonder where I may grow to?!
So in October at the Pink Ladies/Lads quarterly training run by my upline, Michelle Last, she awarded me with this little gift.....
And here is the gorgeous card she made for me to mark the occasion.... isn't it lovely!
And when I joined Michelle's team back in December 2011, she gave me this rewards key ring with empty hangers and my bead for Bronze 1. And each time I promoted I got another bead to signify my journey... and when I went to Stampin' Up's Convention last year in Disneyland Paris I got another special bead... you can see it above - a bead with Mickey Mouse ears, how cute!!!
And here is my bead I got for achieving Silver 1 - a bead with sparkling bling.... I love it! 

I need to point out that this gorgeous key ring reward is something that Michelle Last does, it doesn't come from Stampin' Up!.... however, we do get lovely certificates and a pin badge from SU to mark the occasion, I'll post pictures over the weekend of them. It really makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to be recognised for your achievements.

So I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful, supportive customers, and to my growing downline, I couldn't have got here without you!

Have a great day, thank you for stopping by today... and stay safe as the weather is awful at the moment.

If you would like to place an order, host a party or join my team I would love to hear from you.... it's so great being part of the Stampin' Up family.... go on, call or message me :)
Email me: or call on 07828 149666

Luv Lynne


  1. So well deserved Lynney, you are a wonderful demo and I am delighted that you are in my team xx PS Where is the bead from convention this year?

  2. Oh thank you so much for your kind words Michelle... I love being a "Pinkie"!!! as for the new bead - well, I haven't had a spare moment to photograph it yet, but I will do over the weekend when I photograph the certificate and pin from SU :)


  3. Congratulations Lynne - a well deserved award - Jacqueline xx

  4. Congratulations my lovely OCD buddy... I'm so pleased for you and your journey from here can only get better and better. Look forward to seeing your Silver 2 bead next.

    Em xxx


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